Here’s what people are saying about The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black In America:

“Magnificient read!”
Kamilah Hawa Badiane Founder Badiane & Co.

“This has been one of the most eye opening and well researched books I’ve read.”
Achumboro Ataande Esq. CEO Ataande & Advisors

“I am absolutely in awe of your book Black Tax. I am ridiculously thankful for you.”
R. Saleemah

“I have recently read your book “The Black Tax” and I must say, it was a most eye opening experience. I found it brilliantly concise as it wasted no time to hit the nail on the head and explain the economic injustice that has been wrought upon the black community in America. The biggest benefit to me was the cumulative timeline and stark detail of just how much fiscal power was removed from black Americans since we arrived in America all the way to now. Many black people in America have always known about these and other “black” taxes but they were just accepted as realities of our lives. To see them quantified through the centuries however, was gut wrenching. I have been in several arguments with white friends who exclaim, “well my forefathers never owned slaves” or “we grew up together and we were never racist against you” as the basis for America being a “fair and balanced” playing field or that black people have some inherent flaw as the reason that many of us are economically depressed. Your book dispelled all of those myths in one tidy package.””
Darryl N – CEO C. E. Industries

“Shawn – You have written a masterpiece.

I received your book in the mail today, started reading at 6:15pm and finished at 12:45am. This book is a clear display of your meticulous personality thoroughly researched with over 105 references. All placed exactly where they need to be to educate the educated, and to inform the uninformed. Facts don’t lie, emotions do. You’ve unequivocally laid out the black tax!

There isn’t a African American today that can say they aren’t effected by one of the Black taxes you’ve elegantly laid out.

My favorite part of the book is the on page 119, “It is vitally important that African-Americans lead by example, because it is foolish to expect others to invest more in us than we are willing to invest in ourselves.” You have inspired me with your chapter on “OPTICS” and the “2% Rule”.

My wife and I will continue to focus on growing our “SOuL” and pursuing our “PHD”.

You hit a grand slam my friend. This book will take your far….and uplift our people.

MSP – Investor & Entrepreneur